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Vacuum Suction Pen

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  • Precise Component Handling
  • Interchangeable Tips
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Non-Damaging to Components
  • Suction Headers Diameter : 3mm(Small) ,7mm(Medium) ,10mm(Large)
  • Adsorption Capacity : 3g(Small) , 18g(Medium) , 40g(Large)

247.00 (Incl. of GST 18%)
GST Credit of 37.68available.
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A vacuum suction pen is a specialized tool used in the electronics manufacturing industry for picking up and placing small electronic components. It is also known as a vacuum pickup tool or a vacuum tweezer.

The vacuum suction pen works by creating suction or negative pressure to hold the small components in place. The pen is usually made up of a hollow tube or a pen-like instrument that is connected to a vacuum source. When the user presses the pen tip against the component, the vacuum is activated, and the component is held in place by the suction.

Vacuum suction pen tips come in 3 sizes, depending on the type of component being handled. It also has interchangeable tips, allowing the user to switch between different sizes and shapes to match the component’s requirements.

Vacuum suction pens are used in various industries, including electronics, medical, and automotive, where small and delicate components need to be handled with precision. They are also commonly used in research and development laboratories.



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