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SIM800C GSM GPRS Chip Module

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  • Quad Band GSM / GPRS Module
  • Internal Flash Size: 24 MBits (usable flash will be less)
  • Can transmit voice, SMS, data over GSM
  • Support GPRS Class 12/10, max 85.6Kbps (uplink or downlink)
  • Supports Bluetooth 3.0 EDR

419.00 (Incl. of GST 18%)
GST Credit of 63.92available.
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SIM800C GSM/GPRS Module from SIMCOM is one of the most used module for adding the support of GSM/GPRS/Bluetooth to any electronics device. The module is very low cost and requires very less number of external components. It has applications in various fields, such as IoT, data monitoring, remote control, factory automation etc.

SIM800C is a Quad Band GSM Module in SMT Package with 42pins. The size of the module is also very small, its only 17.6 x 15.7 x 2.3mm. This module can transmit voice, SMS, data, and also can use Bluetooth for data transmission with very low power consumption. Thereby, making it a suitable choice where the final device has less space and is compact in design.

The SIM800C module supports audio record and playback of AMR files. Thereby, it supports adding independent IVRS system to any electronics device. Also it supports microphone and speaker, the supporting components for which should be in user circuit.

It also has facility to upload AMR files in to the internal flash using Serial Port via designated AT Commands. Afterwards, same files can be made to play during calls by use of various AT Commands.

  • Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz GSM Module
  • Supports GPRS Mulislot class 12/10, maximum 85.6Kbps (uplink/downlink)
  • Can transmit voice, SMS, data over GSM
  • Supports Bluetooth 3.0 EDR
  • Various protocol stacks inbuilt: FTP, HTTP, FTPS, HTTPS, SSL, POP3, SMTP, TCP, UDP
  • Jamming Detection
  • Support DTMF Detection
  • Support Audio record and playback
  • Flash Size: 24Mbit (actual usable flash size is less)
  • Control via AT Commands (3GPP TS 27.007, 27.005)
  • Supply Voltage: 3.4V to 4.4V
  • Peak Current Requirements: 2A (during network related activities)


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KSTM0393 SIM800C GSM Chip Module

SIM800C GSM GPRS Chip Module

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