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MS51FB9AE Nuvoton MCU – SOIC-20

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  • Voltage range: 2.4V to 5.5V
  • Temperature range: – 40 ℃ to + 105 ℃
  • 1T 8051-based CMOS microcontroller running up to 24 MHz
  • 16 K bytes Flash
  • Configurable 4 K / 3 K / 2 K / 1 K Bytes of LDROM, which provides flexibility to user developed Boot Code
  • 24 MHz high-speed internal oscillator trimmed to ± 1 % when VDD 5.0 V, ± 2 % in all conditions
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50.00 (Excl. of GST 18%)
GST Credit of 9.00available.
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The MS51FB9AE Nuvoton MCU embedded flash type, 8-bit high performance 1T 8051-based microcontroller. The instruction set is fully compatible with the standard 80C51 and performance enhanced. The MS51FB9AE contains a up of main Flash called APROM, in which the contents of User Code resides. The MS51 Flash supports In-Application-Programming (IAP) function, which enables on-chip firmware updates.

The MS51FB9AE Nuvoton MCU provides rich peripherals including 256 Bytes of SRAM, 1K Bytes of auxiliary RAM (XRAM), Up to 18 general purpose I/O, two 16-bit Timers/Counters 0/1, one 16-bit Timer2 with three-channel input capture module, one Watchdog Timer (WDT), one Self Wake-up Timer (WKT), one 16-bit auto-reload Timer3 for general purpose or baud rate generator, two UARTs with frame error detection and automatic address recognition, one SPI, one I2C, five enhanced PWM output channels, eight-channel shared pin interrupt for all I/O, and one 12-bit ADC. The peripherals are equipped with 18 sources with 4-level-priority interrupts capability.


  • Fully static design 8-bit high performance 1T 8051-based CMOS microcontroller.
  • Instruction set fully compatible with MCS-51.
  • 4-priority-level interrupts capability.
  • Dual Data Pointers (DPTRs).
  • Power On Reset (POR) with 1.15V threshold voltage level.
  • 4-level selection, with brown-out interrupt and reset option.
  • Low Voltage Reset (LVR) with 2.0V threshold voltage level.
  • 128-bytes security protection memory SPROM.
  • 16 KBytes of APROM for User Code..


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KSTI0955 MS51FB9AE Nuvoton MCU SOIC-20

MS51FB9AE Nuvoton MCU - SOIC-20

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