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12V MPPT Solar Charge Controller for 3S Lithium ion Battery

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  • Input voltage: nominally about 18V solar panel (no-load 21V solar panel)
  • Output Voltage: Nominal 12V (10.8 11.1V) Fully Charged Voltage 12.6V Lithium Battery 3 string lithium battery charge management
  • Output current: maximum constant current 3A (charge current greater than 2A please add heat)
  • Wiring method: pad
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399.00 (Incl. of GST 18%)
GST Credit of 60.86available.
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This is a 12V MPPT Solar Charge Controller for . The maximum power point tracking (MPPT) ensures that the photovoltaic cell always outputs the maximum power in order to fully utilize the solar energy when the light intensity changes. In the general case, the MPPT function needs to be implemented with a switch mode DC-DC converter to maximize the product (output power) of the output voltage and the charging current.

This 12V MPPT Solar Charge Controller uses CN3722 chip, which adopts the switching step-down mode DC-DC conversion to realize the maximum power point tracking function of photovoltaic cells. Its input voltage can reach up to 28V, which is very suitable for applications with large difference between input voltage and battery voltage.


  • This 12V MPPT solar Charge Controller uses charge management chip, with turbulence, constant current, constant voltage charge management
  • Adopt imported high frequency low conduction internal resistance double MOS tube, high current diode, high efficiency flat high power inductor, alloy current detection resistance
  • Extra large aluminum heat sink at the bottom to ensure long-term stable operation at high currents
  • high speed and efficient charging
  • Dual status indicator, when the battery is not connected, the red light is always on, the red light is on when charging, and the green light is on
  • IN+ input positive, IN- input negative (SOLAR)
  • BAT+ battery positive, BA- battery negative



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KSTM0916 12V MPPT Solar Charge Controller

12V MPPT Solar Charge Controller for 3S Lithium ion Battery

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