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USB To TTL Converter Cable

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  • USB to TTL Serial port Converter Cable
  • 4 Connections, TX, RX, Gnd and Vcc
  • Based on PL2303
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100.00 (Excl. of GST 18%)
GST Credit of 18.00available.
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The USB to TTL Converter Cable allows us to connect any serial port to USB Device, thereby enabling the mobility. This cable is used for temporary USB to TTL Converter applications. Such as for data transmission, settings, debugging in various electronics devices. It has USB 2.0 Type A Male connector on one end, and other end has pin outs for Vcc, Gnd, RX and TX.

Generally, when connecting it to any TTL Serial Port, only three connections need to made, GND, RX and TX. And Vcc should not be connected because it can fry your electronic device, if it does not use voltage as the source to which USB is connected.

For connecting any device, generally connecting the GND of 2 devices, allows you to communicate with each other via Serial Port. The TX of device will connect to RX of cable, and RX of device to TX of cable.

USB To TTL Converter CableConnections:

  • Red = Vcc
  • Black = Gnd
  • Green = TX
  • White = RX


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KSTM0444 USB to TTL Converter Cable

USB To TTL Converter Cable

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